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Hello Sacred Community,

Join us at our Sacred Ceremonies in Boulder, Colorado and our retreats in Tulum, Mexico. Our Ceremonies are offered for free as a giving to our community and we hold it regularly each month in Boulder.  👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 ❤️

The Medicine Wheel

Each month we explore one direction in the Medicine Wheel and create a Sacred Ceremony in a safe container.

~ Are you looking for an answer what is my life purpose?
~ Are you feeling a sense of loss of freedom?
~ Do you want to be in control of your own destiny?

We start with the power of the Spirit of the South. You will learn about the water element, your emotions, the four phases of the moon and the way the energies are working. How to let go of the past and learn from your experiences to lead you to enlightenment.

Then we work with the cardinal directions of West,  East, North, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth and the elements. The Medicine Way is a path of discovery about yourself and of learning to take control of your life and consciously create your own destiny. You will find the teacher within in your journey that is exciting, adventurous and pleasurable. You can make contact with your own Source and thereby find the answers you seek.
You will learn:
~ how to align with the Earth forces, the natural laws of the universe and the Self
~ how to relate to the tides, rhythms and pulse of the Earth, and experience oneness
~ how to love and share
~ how to expand consciousness and grow to your full potential

These basic principles of a remarkable system of personal development and life-enhancement are based upon the ‘hidden’ teachings of indigenous North American Indians, Northern Europeans and the Taoists.

At the end of our ceremony, you will take away with you supportive tools to implement into your daily life.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

By connecting to love and gratitude, and using the power of conscious intention, we can magnetize ourselves and manifest that which we most desire. By aligning our consciousness with our higher self and higher purpose, we can tap into the organic flow of life and receive divine inner guidance.

Our ceremony will begin with an introduction about the sprit world, the heart-opening effects of the sacred cacao plant. In a guided meditation, accompanied by shamanic drumming and chanting, everyone will be encouraged to connect with their higher selves, the Earth, and what they desire to manifest in their lives. Our delicious raw cacao love potion will then be shared, and participants can experience opening their subtle energy fields to receive inner guidance and experience higher states of awareness, a renewed sense of happiness, and inner peace.

During the second part of our ceremony, we will lead everyone in a guided Sufi dance, spinning ourselves and creating a vortex of energy, will connect us with source energy as we bring magic and manifestation into our own space. We will also perform guided ancient movements. The sacred movements are simple and help us honor and release the old, reconcile duality into oneness, which flows into a visualization of actively stepping through our own doorway into the New.  Finally, participants will be invited to share their experiences, and we will close the ceremony in the spirit of love and gratitude.

Our Sacred Cacao Ceremony establishes our connection with the healing spirit of the cacao plant.  Through meditation and prayer we open to receiving spiritual guidance and possibility of healing. By surrendering into the experience of the Ceremony, you are able to experience a new level of ease within your very own being and all the doors open before you as you align your consciousness with the higher purpose.

Together, we will learn how to powerfully, yet effortlessly, create and achieve anything and everything that we want out of life. ✨💗

Join us at our ceremonies.

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With love and blessings,

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